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Your Product and Software Sales Page On Wildfire!

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

You created a kick-ass product or software and have all the right pieces in place but you feel something is just missing right?

Right! Because we both know the most CRITICAL element to a killer launch is the COPY behind it…it’s the difference between making $1,000 in sales to $10,000 in sales!

And when it comes to knowing the customer it’s all about carefully putting yourself in their shoes and walking through the experience from start to finish and when you get towards the end you will at some point have that AH-HA moment!

Dear Fellow Product Creator,

Justin here and I know you’re busy, so I won’t waste your time.

What’s the difference between a $1,000 and a $100 DOLLAR launch?

If you guessed product quality, you’d only be right about 5% of the time. Fact is, it all comes down to the words on the sales page.

Great sales copy can sell anything.
Bad sales copy can KILL the world’s greatest invention faster than you can say STOP!

When’s the last time you heard someone say or ask for a Pepsi? If it’s anything like me then probably never! 

Now ask the same question of when’s the last time someone asked or mentioned Coca-Cola? Almost every day…

The only difference boils down to the MESSAGE that is conveyed via Marketing.

I AM The “CRAZY Guy” of writing copy that sells. I simply take YOUR product and get it in the hands of more buyers, no questions asked. 

I Want YOU to make a killing with your launch.
Build a MONSTER list of eager buyers.
Create a LONG TERM business that keeps them coming back for more.

Testimonial Videos 

Let’s Be Honest: YOU are probably in the Product Creation game for ONE simple reason…

It’s All About The Benjamins Baby!

But that’s not the only reason you play this game, is it?

You CRAVE the rush, the feedback, the admiration from THOUSANDS of
people picking up your products, right?

You get EXCITED when you breakthrough and create life-changing products that positively impact ANYONE who gets their hands on it. 

So What Happens If Your Launch FLOPS?

It’s one big Loss for all parties involved.

You, Partners, JVs and even those customers who you know deep in your HEART deserved that product or software…

And you’re left with a hollow feeling in your stomach, wondering just what
could have been…

This is what bad copy does, it ruins goodwill for everybody, and you know what?

Not only does it cost you more of a hole in your wallet. But EVERYONE who didn’t get the amazing product loses out on potentially changing their own lives.

How Can You BANK BIG TIME With Great Copy?

You know the game pretty well by now:
Let’s say you get about 5,000 Visitors to your Product.

If it converts at 10%, you make 500 sales.
12%? 600 sales.
15%? 750 sales.

That’s a LIFE CHANGING difference in conversion points that you could have potentially had if you just went with the right person for the job.

My OWN Product I Created Had Over 16% Conversion and <$3 EPC Start of the Launch in 2015!
(Obviously, I can’t guarantee a number due to all the variables involved and
the fact I don’t control the traffic)

Imagine – Copy That Can Pay For Itself On Front End Conversions Alone…

This was done as a COMPLETE newbie to copywriting and product creation…

Fast Forward 2 Amazing years later my Copy Skills have DRAMATICALLY improved…

Enough to make your jaw drop and Steven Spielberg spill coffee on his lap while writing his latest novel.

Plus this doesn’t account for Upsells either.

We both know just how valuable an Upsell is to YOU, it can
EXPONENTIALLY increase profits for YOU.

Not to mention your subscriber base.

QUALITY COPY pays for itself, not only up front but many times over in terms
of visitor value and long-term earnings.


Great Justin, What’s In It For Me?


You’ll be getting ONE great copywriter to work FOR YOU.
To help get YOU the sales and exposure your product deserves.

You’ll get FULL ACCESS to me practically 24/7. I’ll always help you tweak headlines, bullet points and to get the conversions where you want them to be.

I’ll craft unique ANGLES and use the power of influence to ethically persuade visitors into buyers.

Meaning, more conversions on all your LAUNCHES.

And an end to that sick feeling in your stomach of a launch gone
horribly wrong…

Why Should I Pick You?

Great question. Here’s some background…

My Image

Justin Bucci provides top converting copy in MULTIPLE formats to huge online earners. He’s an expert at crafting effective OPEN rates for emails and getting people to take action. He is fully accessible and is always willing to work with you and give you major discounts for loyalty. He has your best interest at heart and is always learning and striving to become better and better every single day. 

The bottom line for you?

I‘ve been in the trenches as a product creator.
So I can craft your product to highlight its key BENEFITS to the market for powerful conversions
. Plus I’m always here for you in case you need last minute adjustments during your launch you can always count on me.


What Services Do You Offer?

✅ Front End Sales Copy

✅ OTO Sales Copy

✅ Complete Copy Package Including Funnel Products

✅ Video Sales Letter Scripts

✅ JV Pages

✅ Affiliate Email Swipes For Your Launch

See something NOT on the list? Simply ask me and I’ll quote and accommodate you.

Get Your No Obligation Quote Now!

Pick and choose the services you need, or bundle 2 or more for an even sweeter deal
. When you contact me, I’ll be in touch within the day.

Expect some questions about your product and launch details via questionnaire. It’ll be a friendly and relaxing chat I promise!

I’ll soon all discover if this is a good fit for everyone. If so, I’ll determine
your exact needs in terms of deliverables and deadlines.

Please note: I am busy and strive to accommodate everyone, but contracts will be delivered on a priority, first come first served basis.

I’ll be honest. If I can‘t get it to you by “tomorrow”, you’ll know
before committing to a thing.

A  half deposit will be required before any work begins,
and the rest shall be applied to the final invoice. 

P.S. All NEW Clients will enjoy 20% OFF their First Order and Referrals Earn You 10% OFF Any Future Work.

Ready To Put ME To The Test With Your Next Launch? 

Contact Me Below And Let’s Make It Happen!


Justin Bucci

Facebook: /Bucci.Justin

Skype: @Seovault



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