I’m Justin and my goal is to document and share my journey as a traveling copywriter with my friends and family.

After coming home from a trip to the Philippines in May 2016, I decided it was time for me to quit my Six Figure corporate sales job on Wall Street, NY.

You may call me crazy or think that I am nuts to give up such an income but when you have a burning desire in your heart and know that you found something you love then you’ll do whatever it takes to get back to it.

It felt like everyone was living such a simple and were genuinely happy and I wanted to be part of that too, so I decided it was time to find another way to fund my stay out there.

Like everyone else we go to the internet and type in “make money online” or “how to make money online”.

Well lucky for me I met an amazing person and he showed me the real way to make it happen.

And It wasn’t until August 2017 that I made my first $6,000 in ONE month as a professional copywriter. Now I plan to spend my time traveling the world as a professional copywriter to improve my skills and experience the different wonders of the world and sharing all the secrets I discover with you!

My Back Story:

I was born in Ridgewood, NJ which is an amazing place to live, but growing up wasn’t so easy for me. I always found myself getting into trouble and acting out which caused turmoil in the house.

I felt like there was just so much more to life and I didn’t think at the time going to school was a good fit for me. I felt like the education system was lacking the right tools to teach me what I wanted to know.

So I turned to the internet and read everything I could about this lavish lifestyle from nothing to something…

People were beating depression, lifting themselves up from rock bottom and making millions online!

I knew I had to get my slice of the pie and that is where this blog begins.


Why The Traveling Copywriter?

I started my journey by visiting the Philippines and learning so much about myself and other people that it inspired and improved my copy skills.

I quickly realized that I had potential to live in a place I consider paradise and make money by doing what I love! (Writing Copy that Sells).

If you want to read more about how I started my online business then keep following me and I’ll help you too. You see the first $117 I made changed my life and I believe it can change yours too.


Copywriting Inquiries?

If you want to inquire about my copywriting services and receive an unbelievable discount then please direct message me on Facebook and join my newsletter specifically for Copy Hacks, Tips, and Killer Deals.

I offer only top-notch Copy and as you can see from below this was my first letter I ever wrote when I was a struggling newbie back in 2015, during launch I experienced EPCs of <$3. The skills that I now possess have the potential to change your life and bank account.

Facebook: @OfficialJustinBucci

Email: Justin@BucciMarketingGroup.com

How I went from $0 to over $6,000 in the bank:

After quitting my Six Figure Job, I blew through most of my money trying to start a business and just when I was getting ready to throw in the towel things changed for me quickly.

It’s about using what I already and everyone possesses deep inside that changed things for me by harnessing the power of words to sell other people’s products.

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